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This site was last updated at 23.00 on 27th November 2002.

This web site was written by John, captain of Tirla, who sadly suffered a fatal stroke last year. Fae feels unable to continue the journey they set out on together and Tirla is now for sale. Click here for more details.

This web site will remain as John wrote it as a tribute to his love of sailing and infectious enthusiasm for life. Hopefully it will encourage others to "get out there and live the dream", John and Fae were glad they did.

Content - The sailing adventures of the Wharram catamaran Tirla from Falmouth, England in April 1999 to Spain, Portugal, Balearics, Italy and to Greece in 2000. In 2001 the voyage from the Ionion to Aegean.

If you have ever dreamed of blue water sailing, travelling in foreign lands or just setting out on a voyage of personal discovery and adventure then you have come to the right web site. Tirla is a Wharram catamaran in its third year of sailing from the United Kingdom to the West Indies via the Mediterranean. The main crew consists of John and Fae.



Left photo: Tirla at anchor. Right photo: Fae at the helm of Tirla whilst at sea.

Hello to the several thousand who visited our web site in 2000. It is your enthusiasm that has urged us to continue with the “TIRLA WEB SITE “ project. We hope you enjoy all that is to come. We particularly welcome our new readers, so for the next few minutes, take a break, and catch up with the latest Tirla news while “virtually” sailing with us!




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